Today I’m going to let you know how businesses multiply their revenuecommunicate on their customers’ level… and improve their bottom line…             by fine-tuning this one basic skill you  were taught in school.

It’s the $3.1 billion mistake.

‘Content is king’ means nowadays, every business is a publisher. From memos to blogs, webinars to press releases, writing has become more important than ever before.

  • 2/3 of US salaried workers have jobs that require writing…
  • Professionals spend at least 30% of their day writing…

But no one is doing it right.

A 2016 Fast Company study reveals that 44% of managers believe their new employees writing skills are deficient.

And the New York Times has pronounced that the one thing corporate America cannot build is a sentence!

Worse part is that the inability to write well is costing us all a LOT of money.

Did you know that…?

  • Poor writing can increase your business costs as much as 40%
  • 85% of Canadian workers report they waste time due to poor communications while 70% report losing productivity
  • Poor writing cost the insurance industry alone more than $1 billion annually
  •  Blue chip companies invest $3.1 billion+ in writing training. Every. Single. Year.

Bad Writing Is The Elephant In The Room

(And it’s tough to fix)

“Good writers are rare than hen’s teeth” - NY-based online publisher

Fixing your writing problem is almost as hard as the problem itself.

Even Fortune 500 companies are facing a crisis: talented writers are rare.

Talent is thin on the ground.

Or risky (and super expensive) to outsource.

Plus… even if you DO write well… none of us were ever taught how to write for the 21st century…

Most of us learned to write in school by well-intentioned English teachers unaware of how to successfully communicate on social online platforms!

No one is teaching writing skills suitable for TODAY.

Most remedial training courses just don’t fill the gap. Because they tend to teach you how to write the old-fashioned way. NOT how to write for today’s world of online correspondence and social media platforms.

(Ever see a course on how to write for webinars? Social media posts? Long-form blog content, emails, press releases - or even why you should learn?)

IT’S A FACT: 21st century business writing just isn’t taught!


6 Reasons Why Learning How to Write the 21st Century Way is Essential…

1. Writing is the foundation of the internet

2. Every video, infographic and webinar is scripted by writers

3. Email marketing is still the #1 method, outperforming paid ads

4. Social media is non-negotiable for brand awareness

5. Improving communication leads to a happier company culture

6. Target customers with the right message, and earn their loyalty

And don’t think for a single minute that technology erases the need for writing. To the contrary, it’s made writing a LOT more important.

Just read what this College Board Study discovered in 2004:

Writing skills are fundamental in business… it’s increasingly important to be able to convey content in a tight logical direct manner particularly in a fast-paced technological environment.

You are in the right place if... ​

  • You want to break into 21st century marketing - blogs, podcasts, emails, webinars - but you know it can’t happen without a great writer
  • You are concerned about the quality of writing in your company, and how that reflects on your brand and customer relations
  • You face outsourcing your writing, or have tried freelance writers in the past who have not got to grips with your culture fast enough
  • You’re on a limited budget and are looking for the simplest way to improve your employees’ skill base for maximum return

Then you need a quick, easy, long-term solution to improve your business writing for good.

That’s why we created our Words to Wealth Workshop so you can...

...Transform your team’s business writing in just six weeks.

Introducing The World's First Writer's Workshop For The 21st Century

A culmination of 30 years of real experience writing for the online market, our Words to Wealth workshop is a six-week mix of intensive lessons and one-on-one critiques.

We cover the six most important foundations of online writing in 2016:


A blend of the old and the new, this topic will cover common grammatical errors as well as how to write and structure your writing for maximum effect online


In this section, we will share how to write blogs for maximum customer engagement and conversion. And how to avoid re-hashing the ‘same old’ information everyone has already seen 1000 times


Master the ubiquitous email so that all communications sent from your company are 100% clear. Learn our secrets on how to craft the ‘perfect’ emails and automate your communications through autoresponders


Lead Magnets

Learn how to build your list the right way, with simple but powerful tools anyone on your team can create

Social Media

Whether you like it or not social media is here to stay. Make sure you put your best foot forward with great posts, tweets and ads

Webinars/ Presentations

How to structure and write presentations that engage, create goodwill and SELL!

WARNING: there’s no syntax or past tense here: you won’t find any old-fashioned English class homework. This is bare bones, real life writing that works today. (Not only will you learn brand new skills, you could ‘unlearn’ some so-called ‘unbreakable’ writing rules which are actually hurting your campaigns!)

...So no matter where you are your team is right now (even if you got a D- in English class!) - we’ll teach you everything you actually need to know!

Here’s what to expect from our Words to Wealth Workshop ...

12 In-Depth Masterclasses

Focused, twice-weekly lessons of 60-90 minutes dedicated learning with one written assignment to lock in the topic.

Templates, Checklists, Videos and Workbooks

Supportive learning materials ensure you can study in your own time, wherever you are, as inspiration strikes. Available 24/7.

Bi-Weekly writing assignments

You can’t learn how to ‘ride a bike’ without getting on it. That’s why each lesson is accompanied with a writing assignment that you can use immediately in your own business.

One-on-One Critiques & Feedback

Personal feedback from Sue Rice, who boasts 30 years’ experience in the writing field, or one of our hand-picked experts. Every assignment you complete will be thoroughly reviewed and commented upon.

 Access to Our Exclusive Community

Writing can be a lonely business. That’s why we created our private Facebook group - so members can ask questions, find inspiration, motivate each other, and network.


Each week we host a live Q&A session for our members. During these sessions we cover all the concerns you may have about writing assignments or building your skills. Plus we’ll conduct ‘hot seat’ critiques so we can all learn together. And if you can’t join us, just submit a question in advance.

BONUS Ongoing Support

Community, critiques and Q&A aside - if you need us, we are always there. And if you ever run into a speed bump, you will have priority access to SLICE International’s renowned done-for-you agency services, including:

● Copywriting

● Blog content

● Email autoresponder sequences

● Sales letters

...All with Member Priority + VIP Discount. That means you can unlock top-drawer business writing - anytime you wish - at prices the public never see!

(WARNING: to protect the quality of the course, places are extremely limited.)

Who Teaches The Course?

SUE RICE, one of the world’s leading business copywriters.

Sue Rice with her dog Lennon

Nicknamed a ‘female David Ogilvy’, Sue is a published author with 30 years’ experience in professional copywriting. She started her career on Madison Avenue, quickly moving up the ladder to become Communications Director at BBDO Europe in Paris. In the mid-90s, Sue launched her own company, crafting communication strategies for companies including Nike and Lego along with legions of entrepreneurs. Founder and President of world elite content marketing agency SLICE International, Sue specializes in teaching clients how to leverage the written word to compete in a global market.

I've been a professional writer most of my life, but my skill set was pretty limited. I'd only written a few types of pieces for a few industries. After taking Sue's workshop, I have the skills and confidence to write any type of piece for any client at any time, whether it's a lead magnet, webinar or email campaign. Plus I'm routinely creating content that gets shared 900+ times on Facebook in less than 24 hours! 

Sue is a super smart Master Writer and an excellent teacher with years and years of experience. But most importantly she has tons of patience. 

My advice? You should absolutely take this writer's workshop. Nothing else compares. If you have a chance to learn writing from Sue, don't miss it for the world!

Loretta Finan
Sarah Leff

Top Notch Writer Workshop!

I just finished with Sue’s Writer Workshop this past spring, and I have to say that it was probably the best class I’ve ever taken on writing! I’ve been writing for a number of years, but I learned so many new things through this course that I have been immediately able to apply, causing my writing to improve drastically. All of the lessons were packed with information yet incredibly easy to follow, covering everything from writing compelling blog posts and email campaigns to webinars and more. I especially enjoyed the critiquing sessions where Sue took the time to personally go through and edit my writing homework – this was so beneficial and really helped me to improve my wiring!

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out in the field, I would highly recommend Sue’s Writer Workshop – you seriously won’t regret it!

Sue is a beautiful and inspirational person. She was always there to encourage and share kind words. This was definitely a new experience for me and it was very exciting to get to use your tips and knowledge. She is INVALUABLE! I loved the class, and loved the assignments even more. For anyone hesitating to sign up, don’t. Thank you so much, Sue!

Stephanie Faughnan
Daniel Cossio

The workshop has been really useful, specially when it comes to real-life content writing. Sometimes we forget to write in an authentic and honest way, we care a lot about structure without noticing that we are not writing academic papers, we are writing for people.

The reader needs attention and needs to be understood, in that sense, Sue was really helpful and patient during the sessions and gave valuable feedback after every task, always accessible and caring. If what you really want is to learn how to create blog posts, emails or webinars that people actually read; this is the best place to be.

...And that’s just a fraction of this workshop’s RAVE reviews...

If you’re not seeing results from your email autoresponder series… struggling to convert on your landing pages… worried about webinars… or if you’ve just got a feeling you’re not getting your message across… apply now.

How Do I Access The Course?

Because of the high level of interactivity in this course, we like to limit the number of participants so enrollment is done through an application process.

This is how it works:

  • Step 1: Fill out an application here
  • Step 2: If appropriate, we arrange a phone call
  • Step 3:  During our call, we decide if this is a fit and will negotiate the best package for you and your team

How Much Does It Cost?

Your package cost will depend on how many people on your team join the program and what level of ongoing support (if any) you choose.

We will discuss the best option for you during our phone call.

Hurry – places are extremely limited! (This is to ensure every member receives quality one-on-one feedback, as quick as possible.)

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