Turn Words Into Wealth

Introducing Our World-Class Writer Workshop 

A 6-Week Intensive Program Teaching Individuals and Businesses How To Transform Words Into Wealth

Want to Win At The Writing Game?

Want to increase your business ROI  simply by improving the quality of your business communications?   

Struggling with how to write content or emails  that convert?  

Whether you are a business trying to boost sales or build brand awareness,  writing (and specifically writing for the web) is one of the most important skills you can have today.  

But hardly anyone teaches it!  You're just supposed to 'know' how to write from school.

But unfortunately school leaves most of us ill-prepared for how to write in today's high-tech world.  

The reality is that technology has changed writing (and reading) forever.  

There are New Rules.  And if you want to survive and thrive, you need to write--the 21st century way. 

 Which is precisely why we created the Words To Wealth Writers' Workshop. 

Our Writer Workshop is like no other. 

A  culmination of 3 decades of serious writing experience, our writing workshop will provide you with the writing skill sets which will make you and your business stand out online. 

During our 6-week program you will... 

1. Create a high-quality portfolio

You will walk away with a (very) saleable portfolio that you can use immediately in your own business. 

We will 'hold your hand' with personalized attention and editing sessions to ensure that you leave with the finest quality portfolio possible. 

2. Be taught in-depth about the 4 most sought-after web writing styles (not just one).  

Slice is a world premiere content marketing boutique.  In this writer's workshop, we will be sharing all of our 'secret sauce' writing secrets for 4 discrete types of writing: blogs, lead magnets, emails and webinars. 


Blogs are the heart of online communications. We teach you how to  generate ideas for irresistible blog posts, write home run headlines, write compelling stories as well as structure  ‘perfect’ blogs.


Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are essential to successful online marketing—but most people don't know how to create an effective one. We will lead you through the process—from topic selection to research and writing.


You will learn how to write a ‘perfect’ email, present a promotion and share content. You will create winning single email broadcasts as well as a mini autoresponder promotional sequence.


Knowing how to structure, write and design webinars that actually convert is a highly sought-after skill. We will teach you our 3-step process for creating a winning webinar every time. 

3.  Receive highly personalized guidance 

Unlike most courses that let you 'figure it out' on your own, we will guide you along the way through in-depth customized lessons, one-on-one editing feedback and critiques via 'hot seats'. 

 The workshop will be highly interactive and we will provide you detailed feedback each step of the way- brainstorming ideas, editing your work and providing encouragement.  

 To that end, the workshop includes: 

  • Q&A Sessions to review each weekly session 
  • Weekly 'hot seats' where  we will review blog posts written by participants
  • Detailed feedback on each piece of content you write to ensure you leave with the highest quality portfolio possible

4. Be trained by Sue Rice, one of the world's most well-known and experienced content copywriters  

Sue Rice with her dog Lennon

Nicknamed the female David Ogilvy, Sue Rice is a long-time professional copywriter and published author.  She started her career on Madison Avenue, quickly moving up the ladder to become Communications Director at BBDO Europe in Paris. In the mid-90s, Sue launched her own company, writing and crafting communication strategies for the boards of companies like Nike and Lego as well as countless entrepreneurs.  Founder and President of world elite content marketing agency SLICE International, Sue specializes in teaching clients how to create crackling content that creates cash. 

What You Get With The Writer's Workshop

1. Our Private Membership Area: You will have access to each weekly webinar, Q&A session and 'hot seat' analysis as well as checklists, templates, examples and video demonstrations.  

2. 12 In-Depth Master Classes: We will share everything through in-depth 60-90 minute Master Classes  which focus on one topic at a time. At the end of each class you will be given a written assignment which will help you better assimilate the lesson. Every call will be recorded and posted in the membership area. 

3. Templates, Checklists, Video Lessons and Examples : For each lesson, there will be a series of accompanying documents (templates, checklists, video lessons and examples) to help you understand what works and what doesn't.  All of these documents will be posted  in the private membership area.  

4. Weekly Writing Assignment: To build your portfolio, you will be assigned a writing assignment at the end of each Master Class.  We will reconvene at the end of the week to review the finished assignment and to do several 'hot seats' where we edit the writing together.   

5. Q&A Session:  We will hold a Q&A sessions a week. During the Q&A sessions, we will cover all the concerns you have regarding writing assignments or lesson subject matter.  If for any reason you can't make the live Q&A sessions, you can always send us your questions in advance and we will answer them.  

6. One-on-One Editing and Feedback:  Every piece you write will be thoroughly reviewed and commented on by either Sue Rice herself or a member of her highly trained staff.  Here at Slice we believe a lot of the magic happens during the editing process so our workshop is set up to provide you with extensive feedback for each assignment.    

7. Access to our Private Facebook Community:  Writing can be a lonely business.  You will be invited into our exclusive Facebook writer's community to get your questions answered and the encouragement you need. And meet like-minded entrepreneurs and writers! 

7. Ongoing Support:  We understand that perfecting writing does not always happen overnight.  That is why, in addition to our intensive course, we offer ongoing support and critiquing services so that you know that going forward every single communications you create will be top-notch. 

Sue is awesome—the best writing mentor I’ve ever had! I have worked on her writing team for over a year and she has taught me SO much about how to write. I’ve written all my life but I did not have a clue how to craft compelling emails and blog posts. Now I’m routinely creating content that gets shared 900+ times on Facebook in less than 24 hours! Sue is a Master Writer. And razor sharp. But despite all her accomplishments and busy schedule, she genuinely cares about my growth and always takes time to give me all the feedback I need to grow as a writer. My advice? If you have a chance to learn writing from Sue, don’t miss it for the world.

Loretta Finan
Sarah Leff

Top Notch Writer Workshop!

I just finished with Sue’s Writer Workshop this past spring, and I have to say that it was probably the best class I’ve ever taken on writing! I’ve been writing for a number of years, but I learned so many new things through this course that I have been immediately able to apply, causing my writing to improve drastically. All of the lessons were packed with information yet incredibly easy to follow, covering everything from writing compelling blog posts and email campaigns to webinars and more. I especially enjoyed the critiquing sessions where Sue took the time to personally go through and edit my writing homework – this was so beneficial and really helped me to improve my wiring!

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out in the field, I would highly recommend Sue’s Writer Workshop – you seriously won’t regret it!

Sue is a beautiful and inspirational person. She was always there to encourage and share kind words. This was definitely a new experience for me and it was very exciting to get to use your tips and knowledge. She is INVALUABLE! I loved the class, and loved the assignments even more. For anyone hesitating to sign up, don’t. Thank you so much, Sue!

Stephanie Faughnan

Is This Workshop Really For You?  

(Warning: This workshop is not for everyone. Please read carefully ) 

This course is a perfect fit for you if you can relate to any of the following... 


  1. Your run a business and understand the importance of writing for your marketing but you don’t want to pay for an expensive copywriter and would rather do it yourself. 

  2. You have an  in-house writer (or writers) but you want to move their skills to the next level.

  3. You are concerned about the overall level of business communications in your company and are looking for ongoing support to ensure that you are maximizing the ROI of all communications.

P.S. You–or your team members–DON’T need to be Hemingway.  (In fact, we will even help you ‘unlearn’ what you believe to be ‘correct’ writing. So make sure NOT to invite your English teacher to the workshop!)  

But Hurry...To Ensure The Highest Quality Experience, Spaces For Our Workshop Are Extremely Limited...

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