The Story of Ferdinand (Or Why a Whisper Carries Farther than a Shout)

As a kid (and then as a mother), the Story of Ferdinand has always captured my imagination.

This small exquisite red book—both its delicious words and its lovely illustrations—is a message about how ‘less is more’.

It’s testament to the fact you don’t have to shout—and jump around—in order to be heard.

Or for that matter…to be happy.

The Story

Ferdinand is a bull who doesn’t stand out much among his bovine buddies.

While the other bulls run around showing off – snorting and kicking up dirt and butting heads – Ferdinand is perfectly happy to sit beneath a cork tree and smell the beautiful flowers.

Well, one fine peaceful day while Ferdinand is happily smelling the flowers under his favorite tree, five strangers show up.

They’re looking for a beast of a bull to put in the ring with Madrid’s fearless matadors.

Ferdinand’s friends start showing off for the men – snorting and butting heads to show how fierce they are.

Suddenly Ferdinand gets stung by a bee.

He starts running across the field, stamping his hooves and snorting.

The men think he’s a mad bull, so they give him the nickname Ferdinand the Fierce and take him to fight the matadors of Madrid.

All the most beautiful women in Madrid come out to see the matadors take on Ferdinand.

And in their hats they wear the most delightful flowers.

They lead Ferdinand to the ring where he sees all the ladies’ flowers and he just sits down in the middle of the show and enjoys smelling the flowers.

Which, of course, disappoints everyone.

So, they send him back to the pasture, where to this day, he is happily smelling the flowers.

Which is, of course, what Ferdinand wanted all along.

The Story of Ferdinand (Or Why a Whisper Carries Farther than a Shout)

The Moral of the Story

While the moral of the story is really a philosophy about life, I believe it is also an important message for anyone engaged in online marketing.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to go about snorting and stamping your feet to get your message heard.

Or butt heads with your customers to get them to notice you.

You can take a much more elegant approach.

That’s what we do with our Fusion Marketing™.

Fusion™ is a 3-step system which celebrates the power of the Social (Un) Sell.

  1. We start with creating top-notch content that builds goodwill, shares valuable (and actionable) information while subtly showing your prospect the ‘gaps’, setting the ideal stage for your offer.  
  2. We then ‘amplify’ that content through email and paid social media marketing like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to ensure that your content gets in front of ‘just the right’ audience.
  3. Once your prospect goes to your website to consume your content, they are ‘pixeled’—in effect put on a ‘silent list’.  If after consuming your content they take no action (i.e. sign up on your list, contact you by phone or purchase your product), we invite them again to engage with us through retargeting and informative emails.

Content to cash. Fast.

Fusion Marketing™ is a ‘whisper not shout’ approach.

It’s elegant—propelled by the prospects’ genuine interest (rather than your screaming from the rooftops).

Best part?

It works.

We are seeing ROIs which range from 200-3000%.

Page views of 30,000.

Hundreds—even thousands-of shares.

Opt-in rates of 91%.

Why does Fusion Marketing™ work?

I believe our Fusion Marketing™ system works because it embraces two important (but ironically contradictory) pillars essential to 21st century communications.

For starters, it’s built on a soft approach that is absolutely coherent with today’s Social World. It’s based on The Share.

The sharing of stories…Images…Videos… Successes… Failures… Case Studies…

That’s what people want to see.

They flock to sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook NOT to be sold to.

They are there to read—see—view—consume—‘interesting stuff’.

But Fusion Marketing™is built on another pillar. The power of direct response selling.

Because while today’s social platforms ARE all about sharing, they are also some of the sharpest direct response SELLING tools EVER. With their razor sharp demographics, we can now target anyone with absolute precision—for example, a 46 year old woman who lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and eats a Paleo diet.

The ultimate in Social Selling, our Fusion Marketing™engages you into an elegant, natural conversation with ‘just the right’ prospect that ends in the best possible ROI.

The perfect storm of ‘soft’ selling that works.

Why not get the results you’re looking for?

Without having to run around like a mad bull.

Don’t forget.

You don’t have to be fierce to be heard.

Sometimes a whisper carries farther than a shout.

If you want to read more about our Fusion Marketing™, GO HERE.  (Or if you want to call us, arrange an appointment here). 

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Nicknamed the 'female David Ogilvy’, Sue Rice is famous for her exquisite writing skills and strategic savvy. A native Californian and Stanford University graduate, she launched her career on Madison Avenue in the 90s and eventually helped run BBDO Europe in Paris as their Communications Director. Now a 7-figure entrepreneur, Sue helps businesses create high-quality content that attracts clients, builds brands and skyrockets sales.