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Introducing Slice University

A 10-Month Elite Marketing Mentoring Program For Everyone Tired of Being The 'Best Kept Secret' in Town

Welcome To Our Campus! 

Tired of spinning in circles trying to implement useless online marketing tactics that bring ZERO results? 

Well. Just STOP

Instead START to share your message, sell your products AND unlock YOUR potential by tapping into the elegant power of the Social Sale. 

What is Slice University?  

Slice University is the result of 3 decades of serious marketing experience and thousands of private consulting hours with premier clients from Nike and LEGO to countless entrepreneurs.  

But now it's time.

We have finally decided to lift back the curtains and share our secret sauce--our exclusive Fusion Marketing Formula.  

Fusion is a proven high-ROI system that takes high-quality content and 'sets it on fire' using a blend of email, paid social media and retargeting.

And Fusion gets results. Big time. We've seen content shared thousands of time, opt-in rates as high as 93% and high-end $6000+ programs sold out in a matter of weeks. 

The real question therefore is...can you really afford NOT to attend Slice University? 

The Slice University program is built on 10 modules: 

Module One: The Power Principles 

In this module, we will explain the foundations of the program and the little-known 'New World' principles that you absolutely need to use. 

Module Two: The Content Calendar

In this section, we will explain why the content calendar is crucial for your success and how to create it (including ninja research techniques to find hot content topic ideas. 

Module Three: The Words 

This module is an express train to word wizadry.  We will teach you the exact writing system we have used to create a million dollar+ content marketing agency. 

Module Four: The Design

Too many people underestimate the importance of design.  We make sure you get all the latest tools to ensure your content is enticing to both the mind and the eye. 

5. Content Organization and Distribution 

One of the biggest enemies of content marketing is a lack of organization and strategy.  This module will give you a Best Practices template that will help you organize content posting and distribution. 

6. Content Amplification Via Email  

Many of us often 'forget' to share our new content with our list.  This is a huge mistake.  Sharing content with your list (and monitoring their interest)  allows you to monetize your list through segmenation. 

7. Content Amplification via Facebook 

One of the biggest challenges with content is getting it in front of the RIGHT audience.  Sending paid social media advertising on a platform like Facebook fixes that problem.  

8. Content Amplification via Linkedin 

Linkedin is another great social media platform to use when you want to 'ignite' your content by getting it in front of your ideal client. 

9. Content Amplification Via Twitter

You can also blow your competition OUT OF THE WATER by using the Twitter platform to share your high quality content.   

10. Retargeting for Maximum ROI

Last but not least, retargeting allows you to Seal the Deal.  You warm up cold prospects by sharing great content with them.  But it needs to be comlemented by intelligent retargeting which invites them to take an action: opting in to your list, making a purchase or contacting you. 

Fusion will be delivered to you via: 

1. Our Private membership area: you will have access to courses, quizzes, monthly webinars, checklists, video demonstrations and audio lessons. 

2. Our Signature "Kick Starter' 3-day Live Workshop: every month, we will hold a live workshop which will take you through the entire Fusion Marketing Formula. No matter when you join our campus, you won't have to wait months to start implementation.

3. Our Writing Bootcamp: a 7 week writing course where we teach you and/or team members exactly how to write content that will turn into cash--from seductive headlines and leads to enticing call-to-actions. 

4. Our Social Media Advertising Intensive: an intensive hands-on training course on how to amplify your content through paid advertising on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.   

But Slice University is NOT for everyone... 

To keep up our high quality and to ensure you get all the attention you need, we only take a very small number of participants every month. Before you fill out the application below, please make sure that you meet our minimum qualifications: 

You will need: 

  1. To have a solid business already. This course is for people who are already ‘up and running’. We’ll just help you run faster. (This course is not appropriate for complete beginners).

  2.  A basic ‘funnel’ built complete with a way to capture leads into an email list.

  3. A reasonable knowledge of the three basic social media platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

  4. A willingness to work hard. And have fun of course!

P.S. You DON’T need to be Hemingway.  We will teach you everything you need to know to create crackling content that sells.    

So Apply Now To Join Our Campus! 

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