Let Us Turn Your Content Into Cash. Fast. 

Welcome to SLICE SELECT--

A premium 100% Done For You Content Marketing  service.

As a private client of Slice Select, we handle every step of your content marketing--from creation to conversion--using our exclusive Fusion Marketing Formula. 

We create, design, implement and manage a high-quality content marketing program for you.  

All you have to do is sit back, relax and watch the clients and cash  flood in. 


Here Is How Our Fusion Formula Works ​

1. Plan 

We research and organize the most compelling content topics for your industry  into a calendar. 

2. Create

 We  then create the highest quality content that will attract thousands to your site.  Our posts routinely get 30,000+ views. 

3. Design

Because the social world is a visual one, we design your content so it grabs attention and makes you stand out from the crowd. 

4. Share

We share your content via email which nurtures and segments your current list so you can market more effectively.  

5. Amplify 

We ensure that the RIGHT people see your content through  highly targeted paid social ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

6. ROI

We invite 'warm' content readers to either opt-in or buy your product using retargeting. (Our ROIs range from 100-3000%). 

The Results You Can Expect... ​

There is a REASON that 80% of CMOS believe that content is the future of marketing and that 60% plan to increase their content marketing budget in the next 12 months. Because they believe that...

Content is superior to other forms of marketing. 

Our Fusion Marketing Formula will help you:

  1. Slice through the clutter. Our system is the only one out there that doesn’t depend on one tactic but puts the BEST OF THE WEB together for you so you ride with the POWER of social media (through sharing and storytelling) rather than fight against it with old-fashioned selling techniques.

  2. Sell. We have seen ROIs ranging from 100-3000% with our methodOur posts get views as high as 30,000, our optin rates have topped 93% and our ROIs range from 100-3000%.  This Method Works.

  3. Stand-Out. Half the battle in today’s crowded world is to stand out and GET PEOPLE’S ATTENTION.  Our Fusion Formula will get you more attention–and more high-quality leads–  than you ever thought possible.  And you don’t have to take our word for it.  Studies have repeatedly shown that content marketing costs 70% less but generates 3 times as many leads.

Is Slice Select Really For You? 

To ensure the very highest quality of service,  we are able to accept only a tiny number of Slice Select clients every month.   If you are interested in working with us, here are the necessary qualifications:  

You are a good fit if... 

  • You are a well-established business generating revenues of at least $500,000/year
  • You have an established sales process which converts leads into clients
  • You (preferably) offer high ticket products of $3000+
  • You are ready to set your sales on fire and would like to double your revenue in the next 12-18 months 

Ready to build your brand and triple your business?

Start by completing our 'Get to Know You' Application: 

If you ve any questions, don't hesitate to drop us a line at support@slice.international or call us at 877-778-8481

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