Clarity. (Finally). 

For savvy marketers who are sick of turning in circles with their online marketing...

Introducing the Art of The Elegant (Social) Sale  


Today's communications scene is super confusing.  

We too have struggled to find a system that satisfies customers' expectations in today's Social World and ensures SALES.  

After years of trial-and-error, we figured it out.

So Are You Ready To Transform Your Content Into Cash? Fast?

Now we create breakthrough content and email marketing campaigns which are 'fueled' by paid social media that enjoy almost unbelievable results. (Up to 3000% ROI).    

Your confusion officially ends here. Today. 

Here's are the 4 ways we can help you. 

Fusion Marketing

Our Fusion Marketing System unleashes the power and ROI of your content by blending content and email marketing with paid social media advertising (Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter).   This unique combination creates the perfect storm of sharing information with intelligent selling--the art of the elegant sale at its very best!   

Content Marketing

Struggling to put a coherent content strategy together?  Bewildered how to consistently create high-quality content that actually transforms into hard cash? We help clients around the world create winning strategies, write hugely popular content --all distributed with intelligence. Our goal?  To help you get the highest ROI possible from every single piece of content.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing stumps even the most savvy marketer.  What's the best way to construct a campaign?  What's the best balance between the sharing of content and selling?  How often should you reach out to your list?   And--most importantly--what's the best way to write for maximum open and CTR rates?   Having written thousands of emails for dozens of clients, we can definitely help you. 

Social Media Advertising 

Admist all the noise, one of the biggest challenges any marketer has today is to get the Right Message in front of the Right Audience.  One of the best ways to do that is through paid social media advertising on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.  Through our proven systems, we can help you leverage these platforms so that your content is not only seen--it generates sales effortlessly. 

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Meet Sue Rice, President of Slice International

Who's Sue? 

  • Nicknamed the 'Female David Ogilvy' 
  • " One of the best--if not THE best--content marketer in the world"
  • A professional writer, published author and vertable "word wizard"
  • Worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 Companies around the world 
  • Stanford  University Graduate
  • An American in Paris 

Sue. Is. The. Best. She writes like an angel but don’t be fooled. Her copy produces cash Big-Time. I’ve watched with my own eyes what her ‘magic emails’ and content  can do—here at, we send our clients Facebook leads to her email marketing sequences and incredible blog posts and watch hundreds of thousands of dollars pop out of the other side. If you are serious about making money online, you need Sue Rice on your team.

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