Frustrated With Your Marketing Efforts?

Discover How To Boost Your E-commerce Sales Through Intelligent Email Marketing


What Do You Really ​Want​?

What do you really want as an e-commerce owner?

Let me guess.

You started your e-commerce business because you had a dream.

You wanted freedom from the 9-to-5.

To be your own boss.

Create your own wealth.

And you did your research.

You realized (correctly) that e-commerce is where the future is.

Hands down, it beats running a ‘brick-and-mortar’ organization.

No rent.

No insurance and employee salaries.

You can sell around the clock.


365 days a year.

To anyone.

Anywhere on the planet.

Why You're Frustrated vs. Free and Financially Secure

But your e-commerce business dream might be looking a bit different close-up. 

Not so rosy.

Not so perfect.

Here are some of the common challenges e-commerce business owners often face:

1. Running your business is overwhelming.

You never imagined how much time and effort (not to mention money!) everything would take.

For starters, you have to figure out who your target market really is and pick, source and test products that they really want.

Then there is the whole hassle of getting online: the set up and maintenance of your site, the search for product images, the write-up of product descriptions and reviews, not to mention the ongoing creation of interesting content.

And what about all the ongoing customer service headaches—from handling product returns to delivery problems?

Last but not least, there’s marketing. You know it’s your business lifeline but sometimes it feels like you’re drowning trying to ‘figure out’ social media, SEO, paid advertising and e-mail marketing.

2. It’s a struggle getting people to know about (and trust) your website, your companyand you.

Trust is the holy grail of ANY business. Without it, your e-commerce efforts are dead in the water.

But unfortunately, trust doesn’t magically emanate from a logo or website design. It’s that ‘je ne sais quoi’ of a business that emanates from every nook and cranny—whether it’s your design, your words, the products themselves or you and your reputation.

Trust is built—as in any relationship—through many small encounters whether it’s reading your quality content and e-mails, enjoying your products or appreciating the service you provide.

Each small act and gesture counts.

Each time you make good on your promises, you plant another Trust Seed.

Like gardening, it’s a slow process. But one with infinite high yields.

When it comes to the topic of Trust, I’m often reminded of one of my favorite quotes (attributed to T. Harv Eker), which is “How you do anything is how you do everything”.

And don’t forget, social media has changed everything.

It’s raised the trust bar considerably.

Because of social media, people are on their guard. They ‘smell a rat’ at the drop of a dime and are ready NOT to believe.

They expect more.

Your customer wants to KNOW the company (and individual) they are buying from.

They want to FEEL EMPATHY and a CONNECTION with you.

They want to be talked to like individuals. In a 1:1 manner.

In other words, they want a relationship with you.

Build relationships first. The revenues will naturally flow in return.

And while we’re on the subject of trust, I’d like to add one more thought.

Trust is a fragile thing.

Again, just like in a romantic or platonic friendship, trust is hard to gain.

But unbelievably easy to lose.

And once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

Make sure you add to your trust equity every single day.

3. Your sales aren’t growing as fast as you had hoped.

Here’s where the rubber meets the road.

Your e-commerce dream needs to be fed by hard cold cash.You need ongoing, reliable sales. If you struggle with sales, you’re not alone.

Maybe you’re getting a fair amount of traffic to your site but suffer from low conversions. (Did you know that up to 98% of your website visitors will leave without buying and will never come back?)

Or you’re getting a fair amount of sale but are hurt by endless refund requests and product returns.

Perhaps you’re what I call a ‘one-hit wonder’.

You get that first purchase but then your customers just disappear, never making another purchase.

The problem is, if you’re like the majority of e-commerce owners out there, ALL your energy (and investment) goes to acquiring that first-sale.

And you do very little to encourage those repeat purchases on the back end.

But devoting more time getting your customers to buy again (and again) could transform your business.

It will bump up sales considerably, increase your Lifetime Customer Value and reduce that initial (and often expensive) investment that you spent to get that customer in the first place.

How Can You Fix All Of This? 

So, let’s recap.

  • You are overwhelmed by all the ‘hats’ you wear as an e-commerce business owner and need simple, streamlined solutions.
  • The best way to grow your business is to build up your ‘trust equity’.
  • You need more sales. But the upfront investment to achieve that first purchases is killing you. To amortize those initial costs (and boost your overall Lifetime Customer Value), you need to increase repeat purchases on the back end.

The good news is there IS a way to solve all three challenges.

One of the easiest (and least expensive) ways to tackle your e-commerce challenges is to set up a series of automated e-mail sequences.

E-mail sequences will streamline your processes and thus liberate your time.  (Think having 5 full-time employees working for you 24/7). 

E-mail sequences will build trust with your customers.  

E-mail sequences that will boost sales. Big-time. (By as much as 30% if not more).

Why I'm A Believer

I write e-mails for a living.

I’ve written hundreds—probably thousands—of them at this point.

And BEFORE I started to focus exclusively on e-mail marketing, I did everything else under the sun. From building complicated sales funnels to writing blog content to helping people with their social media to designing webinars.

And even BEFORE that, I helped run the European headquarters of one of the largest ad agencies in the world (BBDO).

I’ve worked with Nike and Lego and Ericsson and Wrangler and Salomon Skis and the University of California. Not to mention endless startups and e-commerce businesses from around the world.

Through it all, I have ALWAYS been looking for the best way to connect companies to their customers.

To build relationships.

To find the intersections between THEIR VALUES and YOUR VISION.

To target that sweet spot between the real struggles they feel and your products which are designed to relieve that pain.

And in all those years, I have never found a single tool that works better to make those connections than through automated e-mail sequences.

Done correctly, e-mails will build your relationships with prospects and existing customers alike like no other. It will build the trust and loyalty. And the more they trust and like you, the more they will buy. The more they buy, the better off you and your business will be.

All on autopilot.

And while I’m obviously not saying these other tools don’t work (they do), I’m simply saying that their power pales in comparison with that of e-mail marketing.

E-mails are indisputably the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Emails-The Marketing Channel Everyone Forgets

Bitter truth?

A LOT of people believe e-mail is boring.


No one uses it anymore.

They find it annoying and prefer more ‘modern’ options like Facebook Messenger.

In my humble opinion, these beliefs are simply wrong.

Here are the reasons why e-mail is NOT dead:

FACT ONE. E-mail is huge (and growing).

Let’s look at the stats:

  • Over 294 billion e-mails are sent daily. (100 trillion a year!) (Radicati)
  • 2.8 million e-mails are sent every second. (Radicati)
  • By 2019, there will be 2.9 billion users. (Radicati)
  • 92% of online adults use e-mail, 61% of those every day (Pew Research)

FACT TWO: Mobile has given e-mail a new lease on life.

  • In 2016, 68% of us will open our e-mails on our mobile phones-up from 21% in 2012! (Campaign Monitor)
  • 75% of Gmail’s 900 million users access their accounts via mobile (Tech Crunch)
  • 1 in 3 clicks in an e-mail occurs on a mobile device (Campaign Monitor)
  • 71% people simply delete e-mails that don’t display well on mobile (BlueHornet)

FACT THREE: E-mails make you money.

"Email is the currency of the web. It is the dollar sign." Atlantic

What's even MORE important is the fact the e-mail makes you (lots of) money!!! 

E-mail generates the highest ROI compared to all other marketing channels.

In fact, the Direct Marketing Association says that for every $1 you invest in e-mail marketing, you get a return of $38.

Take a minute to think about that. That means if you invest $1000, you get $38,000 back. That’s a number you simply can’t ignore.

(By the way, Campaign Monitor argues that number is even higher… that for every $1, you can earn $44).

The experts agree. In a recent post on Facebook, Justin Brooke—a world leader in traffic and media buying—had this to say about e-mail marketing. “E-mail marketing is my #1 source of revenue. Based on my own company’s data, the easiest way to double or triple our business is to double or triple our e-mail list size”.

He backed up his assertion with this chart that shows that in a 2-month period—a whopping 80% of his revenues came from e-mail. Everything else paled in comparison:

FACT FOUR. E-commerce Businesses Are Leaving $706 Billion On the Table By Failing to Optimize Their E-mail Marketing!

In a recent study, Klaviyo analyzed the performance of 1000 e-commerce companies in the 4th quarter of 2016 and discovered that e-mail contributed on average 30% to overall sales revenues.

This means, if you are NOT currently getting this performance from your e-mail marketing, your business is 30% smaller than it should be!

According to eMarketer, e-commerce businesses will make $2.35 trillion in revenue in 2017. If we can assume that a vast majority of e-commerce business owners (yes you!) are NOT making 30% of their revenues from e-mail.

I would roughly calculate that we are collectively leaving around $706 billion on the table. That’s a serious shortfall.

FACT FIVE: People PREFER e-mails to other channels (like social media).

Contrary to popular belief, people actually LIKE getting e-mails.

Yes. Even promotional ones.

According to Marketing Sherpa, 7 in 10 people say they would rather get their promotions via e-mail versus any other vehicle (social media, phone, online video, television ads, etc.)

So Why Does Email Have The Magic Touch?

I believe e-mail’s power boils down to one thing.

As David Newman correctly points out, e-mail marketing is unique because it… has an ability many channels don’t—creating valuable personal touches-at scale’

No matter how crowded our inboxes become, it’s still a relatively more quiet, intimate and less distracting place than the café atmosphere of social media platforms.

It gives you a 1:1 conversation.

At scale.

No other tool allows you to do that.

That’s where the magic lies.

The Struggle is Real

But if the opportunities are huge when it comes to e-mail, the STRUGGLE IS REAL.

There are countless questions:

  1. What should I say in my e-mails?
  2. How long should my e-mails be?
  3. What should they look like?
  4. How often should I send them?
  5. What should I sell in my e-mails?
  6. How often should I sell?
  7. How do I get people to open my e-mails?
  8. How can I improve my Click-Through-Rates?
  9. How can I measure my success?
  10.  How do I structure my e-mails?
  11. What’s the best way to get the ‘right message to the right person at the right time’?

Executing your e-mail often feels like following your doctor’s advice.

You know it’s good for you, but it’s just not so easy to actually do it.

It’s the elephant in the room’.

That task we’d love to sweep under the rug or ‘do it later’.

And later just never comes.

Email is not dead. However,
  how you view it might be!

So we’ve clearly established that e-mail marketing IS NOT dead.

However, what MIGHT be dead is the way you look at it. J

If you view e-mail marketing as…

  • A great way to ‘hard sell’ by pummeling your list with endless product photos and discount codes
  • Something to avoid like the plague
  • Simply a way to send out a monthly newsletter

... I’d like to invite you to reconsider your approach.

For e-mail marketing to work for you, you need to shift your thinking: 


Endless Promotions

Invasive Messages

Aggressive Campaigns







The point of any e-mail marketing is (of course) to generate sales.

But in order to do that, the accent must first be placed on building genuine relationships.

Without the trust, the sales will be uneven at best.

Rela​tionships First. Revenues Second.

How do we create emails that build relationships?

After years of writing emails and constructing email campaigns, I am convinced the BEST way to create a winning relationship-building email campaign is to apply the concept of Fusion.   

Fusion is the process of joining two or more things together to form a single entit​y’.

Why is this important?

The mistake most people make when they execute email marketing is they view it with just ONE lens...  

So there is one camp of enthusiasts who prattle on about e-mail DESIGN.

Another that talks incessantly about e-mail TECHNOLOGY (i.e. which CRM is the best and what technical bells and whistles you absolutely need).

A third and final group talks about the WORDS—and the crucial importance of copy.

My opinion—having been involved in countless e-mail marketing campaigns—is that the real power of e-mail occurs when you fuse all three together: Design + Copy + Technology

Just Like a 3 Legged Stool...

Our email needs to be be built like a stool with 3 legs.  

One for design.

One for copy.

One for technology. 

You need dazzling design that sparks people’s imaginations.

Copy that engages through stories and entices people into action.

And intelligent technology that allows you to automate through dynamic data that ensures savvy segmentation.

So that you can indeed get th​e right message to the right person at the right time.

You can of course have your email marketing built on 1 or 2 of the 'legs'.  But it's only when you have all 3 that your email will be truly 'sturdy'.  In fact, I believe when you blend these 3 elements successfully together, your email marketing will be so sturdy that it will be as though you've created your very own ATM machine. Which delivers customers (and cash) on demand. Every day. 365 days of the year.

You Have A Decision To Make

If You're Sick of The Struggle...

If you're sick of the struggle...

If you love the idea of putting your email marketing on 'automatic pilot'...

If you can't wait to get 'cash on demand',,,

AND if you've read this far...


Creating the right autoresponder sequences for your E-commerce Store will have an Epic Effect on your business and bottom line. 

If you're ready to implement, you should definitely watch my exclusive training where I share my 'secret sauce' and show you exactly HOW to craft your design, write your copy and set up your segmented autoresponder sequences. 

It's complimentary. 

But it could very well change your life forever. 

Thank you for your time and interest. 

Looking forward to the possibilities... 

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