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Subject Line: How I Went From Zero To Hero

Hi again (NAME),

I’m going to tell you something I’ve never told anyone.

And it’s (super) embarrassing.

I really sucked at school.

I got terrible grades in all my classes (except English.)

I had no focus.

No discipline.

And very few prospects.

One of my teachers even told me to join the navy because he thought I was that hopeless and would never have a real career.

But even though I grew up hearing I'd never amount to anything, I just would not accept everyone else's vision of me.

I knew they were wrong.

And I had other ideas for myself.


And I was right.

Because by the time I was 23, I was running my first company.

And had basically left all the naysayers in the dust.

If you want to learn how I went from “Zero to Hero,” join me for my The Four Biggest Lessons I Learned Building a $500 Million Business” webinar (link) on February 14th at 12 pm PST.

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It just may well help you get your BIG IDEAS in motion too.



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Subject Line: The Penthouse View

Hey (Contact Name),

I want to tell you a story about a client of mine.

His name is Anthony.

His transformation was formidable.

He literally went from stressed and tired to strong and empowered in a matter of months.

He grew his sales by 20% and profits by 40%.

Just by implementing a few changes to his mindset and method.

When Anthony first came to me, he was really struggling.

He wasn't earning enough to support his family the way he wanted.

He was fighting to make ends meet—tuition was barely doable and anything ‘extra’ like nice vacations were completely out of the question.

Worse, he was struggling emotionally.

He was just plain exhausted.

Like so many entrepreneurs, Anthony had become nothing more than a cog in a machine of his own making.

A worker bee—working around the clock. But despite all his valiant efforts, he wasn’t getting the results he wanted and he felt utterly frustrated and demoralized.

We first started by working on his self-image so he felt he deserved success.

We then created a plan to establish him as THE leader in his field.

And we brought order to chaos with Extreme Productivity.

And with a few simple steps, Anthony transformed his business in no time flat.

So now his business serves his needs. Rather than the other way around.

I didn't ask Anthony to work harder.

I didn't even ask him to work smarter.

Instead, I asked him to work in new ways, unusual ways, effective ways.

Find out what I mean by that at my The Four Biggest Lessons I Learned Building a $500 Million Business webinar (link).

If you keep going down the same road as Anthony was, how exhausted will you be?

What will you have to show for your efforts?

Want to learn what Anthony learned?

Then come to my webinar (link) on (DATE, TIME).



PS: Now Anthony doesn't worry about how he’s going to foot the bill for his kids’ education. Even better, he just recently went on a family holiday at a two-story penthouse at a super posh beach resort.

And he really liked the view.

P.S.S. If you want to change YOUR view, join me on (DATE, TIME) for my exclusive never-seen-before webinar called The Four Biggest Lessons I Learned Building a $500 Million Business. (Link).

Email 3

Subject Line: Find Your Inner Batman

Hello again (FIRST Name),

“Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.”

I really wish I had said that, but I didn't.

That was Batman's Dad talking. Well, young Bruce Wayne's Dad.

Bruce actually hadn't become Batman yet.

Bruce Wayne became Batman after seeing his parents get gunned down in the street.

After watching Gotham fall to a bunch of thieves and murderers.

After figuring out that making things better was his calling.

His passion.

It was his reason for being.

But he didn't have any special powers.

He wasn't shot to earth from another planet like Superman.

Or bitten by a radioactive bug like Spider-Man. He wasn't born a hero.

No, Bruce Wayne became a hero when his MINDSET changed.

After all the horrible things that happened, he picked himself back up. And he changed himself.

And then – POW! Thwack! – He took out Gotham's super villains one by one.

And all he used were the resources he already had: super-awesome technology and raw brain power.

See, I love the idea of Batman.

Because it's all about how each and every one of us can be a superhero.

I believe that each of us has more potential than we can imagine.

I would like to show you how to draw your potential out and overcome your mental blocks at my exclusive webinar (link), The Four Biggest Lessons I Learned Building a $500 Million Business.

Don’t miss it if you want to Batman-up your business. 



PS: Want to know why I love Batman so much? He teaches us that ANYONE can be a Superhero! We just need the right mindset and a few cool tools. Go to my webinar (link) and find out what I’m talking about.

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Email 4

Subject: Why Self-Image Matters

Hi again (FIRST NAME),

Last time we talked about Batman.

About how an ordinary human being realized his super potential.

Could Bruce Wayne have become Batman without a strong self-image?

Probably not.

Your self-image matters more than you think.

It’s definitely not just a ‘nice to have’.

Take Bill Gates for example.

I believe his story perfectly captures the power of a strong self-image.

When he was at Harvard, Gates read an article about the first personal computer.

Intrigued, he saw an opportunity.

He called up Ed Roberts, the CEO of the company that made the Altair, the world’s first personal computer.

And Gates brazenly told Roberts that he could create software for his computer.

Roberts didn’t believe him.

So Gates offered to come show him.

What was crazy was that Bill Gates had never even seen the computer.

Never touched it. All he had were line drawings of the machine.

But he took the challenge and he and Paul Allen worked day and night for two weeks to create the promised software.

They flew to Albuquerque and presented the software to Ed Roberts. And when they loaded it into the computer, it worked!

Ed Roberts was amazed.

Bill Gates was even more amazed.

And from that small beginning, Microsoft was born.

Bill Gates had a vision that would change the world.

But more importantly, he had a strong self-image.

So strong he believed he could create software for a computer he'd never laid his eyes on…!

Self-image is something we don't talk about very often.

But we should.

Because it can make us or break us.

I’ll tell you how elite entrepreneurs all share one thing in common—a very strong self-image—during my webinar on (DATE, TIME).

Register for The Four Biggest Lessons I Learned Building a $500 Million Business today. (link)



PS: We'll cover four key points at the webinar:

• Getting your mind and self-image right

• Secrets to ENDLESS cash flow (I promise it’s easier than you think)

• Why you need to be a WIZARD

• The easy way to come up with MEGA IDEAS that set you apart

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Email 5

Subject: The Myth of Working Hard

Hi again (First Name),

Do you believe that you’ll be successful just if you work really hard?

You’re in good company. Millions believe that the secret to success is work, more work and more work.

I’m here to dispel that myth RIGHT NOW.

Working hard can be important.

But more often than not, working hard just makes you tired.

You need something else to get the success engine running: Mega ideas.

Mega ideas change the world.

Mega ideas make you rich.

Just look at Michael Dell. He had a mega idea.

It was a simple one.

He realized that instead of following the industry norm of selling computers through third parties, he could simply sell his computers direct.

Go straight to the consumer.

No middle man. (And no extra costs).

So he tested out his big idea at his college dorm.

He had people fill out a coupon and mail in a check.

And then he sent them a computer.

That's how he made his first million.

And you know the rest of the story.

Here's the problem most people have: they think getting a mega idea is impossible.

But anyone can have a mega idea.

At my The Four Biggest Lessons I Learned Building a $500 Million Business webinar, (link) I'll show you how to generate your very own super-success charged mega ideas. It's on [DATE, TIME]. Don't forget to put it on your calendar!

You signed up. So now make sure you show up. Here's the link again (link).



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