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Subject Line: My Journey from Welfare to Millionaire

I am writing this email from my beautiful home in Australia. It is a big house set on 2 glorious, blissful acres, complete with swimming pool, spa, an exquisite Buddha pavilion and natural waterfall. And all of this is a stone’s throw from one of the most glorious beaches in the world (7 minutes to be exact!).

I drive a stunning, stylish silver Land Rover Freelander. I travel overseas whenever I want (8-9 times a year) to attend personal development seminars and workshops with some of the greatest thinkers on the planet.

I run two flourishing companies and have a stack of business awards to my name.

I am a best-selling author.

In short, I have a lifestyle most people only dream of.

But I promise you that I’m absolutely not writing this to brag.

Because it wasn’t always like this.

In fact, just a few short years ago, I was a struggling single mother on welfare with a crushing $100,000 debt hanging over my head.

Curious how I went from a place of abject poverty to one of passion and prosperity?

Well, all you need to do is go here (link) where I will explain everything.

In the video you will discover how to:

· Transform your life—just like I transformed mine

· Access infinite abundance just by helping others do the same

· Translate your love for personal development into a thriving business

· Make money from home, earning as little or as much as you want and working the hours you choose

Watching this video could very well be the single most important thing you have ever done for yourself.

So go here now (link) and I’ll see you on the other side.

All the best,


P.S. The way I figure things is that if I can—with no education, connections or money-- totally turn my life around, so can you. Check out my video where I show you how simple it really can be. (link)

Email 2

Subject Line: Divorce, Dreams and Disaster

With the end of my marriage in 1990s, my financial situation—which had been precarious for years—took a serious nosedive.

All of a sudden I found myself a single mother with two young children --a 3 year old daughter and a 6 month old son--to look after. And no income to speak of. (I did have a fledgling company but it had yet to turn a profit).

Despite the challenges, I decided to look at the bright side of things. So I scraped together what was left over from my divorce settlement to invest in a new house for me and the kids. I figured that if I was going to embark on this new scary adventure, I might as well make sure that we had a nice, comfy roof over our heads.

So I took a small loan out and lovingly designed my dream house. The house was simple but stunning; it combined soothing pastel yellows and blue, natural timber and terracotta with giant sun-drenched windows. The house design reminded me of the beach--‘my’ favorite place in the world where I always feel the most happy and whole.

Thinking back on it now, that house was much more than just a house.

It was a symbol and a dream of A New Beginning.

It represented a fresh start—hope-- as I stepped out on my own.

But sadly, disaster soon struck.

A few weeks before we finished the house construction, I received an alarming phone call from my lawyer.

He informed me that my child support payments were going to drop from $1600/month to $100/month.

Effective immediately.


With two very small children to look after and not a cent coming in, this was a serious blow.

I felt hopeless. Helpless. And unsure how I would ever be able to dig myself out of this financial mess.

But I did pull myself out of it.

Within 12 months, I had increased my income ten-fold—from $15,000 to $150,000.

I went very quickly from poverty to prosperity.

Just by doing some very simple things.

And today I teach people all over the world how to do the same.

Find out here (link) how you can apply the Law of Attraction to improve your life as well as the life of others while you simultaneously create a bountiful, blissful business.

And make sure to come with pen and paper. You’re not going to want to miss a single word!

All the best,


P.S. Ooo. Almost forgot. There is a very yummy surprise for you towards the end of the video. Make sure to go through all the way to the end so you don’t miss it.

Email 3

Subject Line: Breaking Point

Hey (Contact Name)

Last time we talked I was telling you about how I was building my dream house when disaster struck.

The paint wasn’t even dry when I was informed that my child support payments were coming to an abrupt halt.

Even though my family tried to help, I just couldn’t scrape enough together to make my loan payments.

So within months of moving in, I was forced to put my ‘dream home’ on the market.

I’ll never forget the day I left that house.

I was inconsolable, sobbing as I walked around to say ‘good bye’ to each of the beloved rooms.

I wasn’t ‘just’ crying for the loss of a physical house.

I was crying for the loss of a dream.

But, believe it or not, saying goodbye to my beloved house wasn’t even the worse part.

I think I hit an all-time low when I arrived at our new modest rental and the mover informed me that he needed to be paid before he could move the rest of my furniture.

I looked at him.

I looked at my kids and my mother.

And I just crumbled.

The problem was I didn’t have a single cent to give him.

I was completely broke.

I had no cash.

Nothing in the bank.

And my credit cards were maxed to the hilt.

And as I gazed around at what was the rubble of my life (and only half of my furniture!) and I found myself wondering how on earth I’d gotten to this place.

I was broke and broken.

But I scraped myself off and dusted myself off and recreated my life.

I turned the ‘broken’ into bounty, the ‘struggle’ into ‘success’ and the anxiety into abundance.

And the best part about it?

I did it by following a system that anyone can copy and execute.

Go here (link) to find out exactly what I’m talking about.

You will learn more about how you can use Law of Attraction techniques not only to improve your own life but to set up a business helping others tap into their own blissful life of abundance.

Plus we will do a guided visualization together at the end where you will be able to see yourself turning your own life around.

Check out the video (link) right now to find out this unique shortcut to passion and prosperity.

Let me show you how I reinvented my life—and how you can do the exact same.

All the Best,


P.S. Have you reached a breaking point? Frustrated? Do you think that ‘where you are now’ is just a dim shadow of ‘what you could be’? Why not curl up and watch (NAME) video (link) where we will examine the possibilities available for you?

Email 4

Subject Line: What Career Should You Actually Have?

What is the perfect job/career for you?

This must be one of the most ‘frequently asked questions’ in the world.

In any event, if there is an award for ‘job tester’ out here, I certainly would win the prize.

Over the years, I’ve had a real stack of jobs.

I made pizzas at Puffin Pizza. (And had great fun ‘testing’ the product!)

I cleaned houses.

Delivered leaflets.

Worked as a night packer at a local super market.

Taught aerobics. (Hey, I was even on TV with that job).

Sold swim and surf wear.

And my all-time favorite?

Sprayed suntan lotion on sun bathers at my local beach. (I seriously couldn’t believe my luck that someone was actually paying me to sit on the beach!)

All of that was before I fell in love with personal development.

And I’ve never looked back.

Find out here (link) how you too will ‘never need to look back’ once you can discover how you can use your passion for personal development to create a highly profitable business.

And you can kiss those endless and insufferable ‘stack of jobs’ goodbye…once and for all.

All the best,


P.S. Sick of working for other people in jobs that mean little for you? Go here to watch a video (link) about how you can turn your passion for personal development into a profitable business you can run from home.

Email 5

Subject Line: The Little Ad that Changed My Life

I seriously almost missed the little ad that was destined to change my life.

One morning I was rummaging through the paper looking for the weather forecast when I accidentally stumbled across a sliver of an ad.

It said something like Seeking Sales People to Market a Law of Attraction Course”.

I was immediately intrigued.

I’d long thought working in personal development would be amazing but just hadn’t figured out how I could translate a passion into profit.

Without hesitation, I immediately called the phone number listed in the ad.

And before I could say ‘Abundance”, I was marketing a course based on the Law of Attraction throughout Australia.

I could not believe my luck!

Here I was, “Stack of Jobs” Claire now earning great money just by sharing the concept of the Law of Attraction with people.

I was actually being paid to do something I’d be doing anyway (i.e. improving myself!)

I was in heaven.

But as it turns out it, this was just the beginning.

Once I realized that personal development was actually a viable career choice, I started to create my own ‘secret sauce’ system combining Law of Attraction and coaching to help people around the world via the internet.

It is that simple formula that transported me from Welfare to Millionaire.

And the exact same formula I teach students around the world so they can enjoy similar results.

Just go here (link) and I’ll explain everything.

All the best,


P.S. Maybe this email is your ‘little ad’. The few words that are fated to change your life forever…and the course of your destiny. Go here (link) to find out.

Email 6

Subject Line: Radio (CONTACT FIRST NAME)

Did you know that the most powerful tool you at your disposal is not your computer (or iPad or smartphone, etc.)?

It’s your mind.

Your mind—your thoughts—are power-packed with energy or ‘vibrations’—emitting ‘signals’ out into the world just like a radio.

But this is a ‘two-way’ radio. Your thoughts are like magnets; when you send out a thought vibration, you will in turn attract similar ‘vibrations’ towards yourself.

Therefore you have to be very very careful what you think.

Because your thoughts—whether good or bad—simply attract more of the same back into your life.

Let me give an example.

Imagine that you are obsessing about ‘not having enough’ money. When you focus on lack or scarcity, you emit a certain energy or vibration set on the ‘scarcity’ dial. And because our thoughts are like magnets, when you focus on scarcity, you simply invite more scarcity back into your life—not less!

Simply put?

If you focus on what you don’t have, all you get back is more ‘don’t haves’.

If on the other hand, you focus on abundance and the ‘haves’ in your life, you’ll attract more prosperity and wealth back into your world.

Likes attract likes.

Abundance begets abundance.

Scarcity invites in more scarcity.

So make extra certain that you always send out the energy message you actually want-- rather than what you want to avoid!

Want to learn how the Law of Attraction can help you create a life and business of your own design?

If so, I’d strongly encourage you to attend my (NAME) webinar coming up on (DATE, TIME) where I’ll be giving you some great information about how you can trade in anxiety for abundance and endless worries for wealth.

So my final question to you is this.

What is (CONTACT NAME) Radio going to be about? What will be the name of your show?

Are you going to concentrate on lack and limitations?

Or possibilities and prosperity?

It’s your choice.

(But I definitely know what I would vote for!)

And go here (LINK TO WEBINAR) to find out how you can get your radio on the right channel faster than you could ever imagine.


P.S. Change your thoughts, change your world. You just have to look at my story to see how transformational this concept could be. Go here (link) to find out how to transform your life starting from today.

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