Subject Line: It's Just Like Christmas.

One of my clients, after having executed a LinkedIn Campaign we designed for her, called me up to thank me.

She said, opening up her email every day with all those wonderful leads, was just like having Christmas every day.

Just imagine what it would be like to have leads just fall underneath your business tree every single day?

My client Chip, a consultant who runs several companies, also enjoys Christmas every day.

When we met Chip, he was trying to get one of his companies off the ground. One of those companies that helps jobseekers transform their skills into an independent consulting business.

To help Chip, we simply followed our LinkedIn Strategies proprietary method. We optimized his presence on LinkedIn. We reworked his profile and perfected his company page. Once that was done, we then identified his target market opportunity which was a whopping 100,000 prospects. Finally, we developed a campaign which allowed him to systematically roll out his program.

The results?

Chip is still running the campaign and he gets several hundred leads a month.

Based on his LinkedIn leads alone, he has built a mid-six figure business in a very short period of time.

Bottom line? It’s Christmas for Chip every single day.

What about you? Let’s talk at (TIME/DATE).



P.S. I know a lot of people don’t believe in Santa Claus. Some people think my LinkedIn lead generation sounds ‘just too good to be true’. But I have literally helped hundreds of companies get the same results as Chip. Why wait? Let’s talk now about how we can get some leads underneath your Business Tree. ( link)

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