Subject Line: My Koi Fish

I have a beautiful Koi Fish pond in my back garden.

The softness of the water…the movement of the fish…it’s just so peaceful.

The perfect antidote to my active (and frankly sometimes stressful) life.

One thing I never bargained for when I created my koi fish pond was how involved it was.

There is so much to think about.

The size and depth of the pond, the number of fish, the plant life.

Everything is connected.

It’s less about a specific fish and more about creating an ecosystem.

Our businesses are also part of a bigger ecosystem. So, while (Product Name) can boost your online presence immensely, it is part of a bigger world.

That’s why in this lesson I want to give you some tips on how to tap into the power of Google—the biggest internet ‘ecosystem’ out there.

LESSON 7: Get Listed on Google+ Local

(Product Name) will boost your online presence immensely.

But we are part of a bigger ecosystem which is why this lesson (and the ones that follow it) will focus on some basic SEO tips that go beyond our specific community.

The first step for any local small business is to get listed on Google+ This is precisely what you need to do:

1) Go Here to Claim Your Page

2) Verify Your Page (Google spells this process out in detail just follow their step-by-step instructions)

3) Write an SEO Optimized description of your business. (Hint: You can use same description you used for ReferLocal)

4) Link your Google+ profile to relevant pages on your site

5) Add lots of engaging pictures

6) Upload at least one video (the more the merrier!)

7) Double-check you have completed your profile

Need help with your SEO? Our (Product Name) team is specifically trained to help you rank high on Google through SEO-optimized content and much more. Why don’t you go here (LINK) to look at the ways we can help you so that you can become a Big Fish yourself?

I was amused to find out that the koi fish is a symbol of good fortune, prosperity and riches. (I knew there was a reason I was so attracted to them).

Fittingly, next time I’m going to tell you all about me and Donald Trump.

Stay tuned.


Karl “The Koi Fish” Smith

P.S. Here’s a great post from a close friend of mine over at Search Engine Watch in which she explains how to optimize your Google+ Local Page once you unlock and verify it. Check it out here.

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