Subject Line: As Serious As A Heart Attack

Hi (Contact Name)

Today I want to tell you a story about Kelly, who is one of my clients.

On December 20th, 2004, she checked herself into a heart hospital. She had been having loads of problems but when she was no longer able to make the short distance from her car to her house, she knew she was in trouble.

Within minutes of arrival at the hospital, her heart surgeon delivered the grim news. The main artery to her heart was 95% blocked. Even though it was Christmas time, the 36-year old single mother of 3, was rushed to surgery.

The good news? The operation was successful.

The bad news? Kelly was forced to take a whopping 10 prescription drugs a day.

9 years after the surgery however, she continued to feel absolutely awful.

She was tired all the time.

She could barely breathe.

Her nose was congested.

Eyes runny.

Head buzzing.

And her stomach was in turmoil 24 hours a day from chronic acid reflux.

But despite all these symptoms, her doctors kept saying ‘everything was fine’ and it must ‘all be in her head’.

Kelly knew it wasn’t in her head so she started to search for a solution. She read everything she could get her hands on and she started to suspect Candida (an unbalanced intestine overrun by ‘bad’ bacteria) to be the culprit.

It was about that time she met me.

I recommended she use (Product Name).

I must admit, nothing prepared me for what happened next.

In 30 short days of taking a few drops of (Product Name) daily, Kelly’s acid reflux and GI tract issues disappeared!

Her eyes were clear.

Her nose was no longer runny.

She quite literally could breathe again.

She had FINALLY got her life back

Would you like to do the same?

If you suffer from a long laundry list of physical ailments but can’t figure out how to fix them, I really urge you to try (Product Name).

Because if it worked for Kelly, it can definitely work for you.

Just go here to grab your bottle but hurry because the special introductory price (25% off!) of $50 won’t last forever.

And get your life and health back quicker than you ever imagined possible.

To your health!


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