Subject Line: The X Factor

I love my kids and would really do anything for them.

Two years ago, I surprised my eldest son Max who is a huge music fan with tickets to the X factor.

And this wasn’t any old X factor.

It was the X Factor’s special tribute to Michael Jackson (his whole family was going to show).

I woke Max up super early in the morning and told him that instead of going to school that day, we were going to fly to LA to see the X Factor.

He was so touched and so excited, he started to cry.

That’s how much it meant to him.

So we jumped on the plane and took the flight to LA.

But disaster struck almost immediately.

We got to the X Factor building at 2:00 pm (the time on the ticket) but the line already stretched for miles. We were told there was absolutely no hope of us getting in.

Ugh. I was heartbroken.

We had come all this way. Apparently for no reason.

And then I had a brain storm.

I went to the front of the line and I persuaded four (sweet) kids to give us their place in line so that my little son wouldn’t have his heart broken on his birthday.

So there we stood

Hour after hour. We inched our way to the front.

But then disaster struck a second time.

When it was 7 pm, there were only 5 of us left when they decided to shut the entrance down.

The first three got in. But the last 2 (me and my son) were turned away.

We were crushed.

Heavy-hearted and silent, we took a taxi back to the hotel.

I felt so incredibly bad.

But what happened next I will never forget.

As soon as we got into our room, my son turned to me and said, “You know Dad, if that is the worst that happens to me, I have it pretty good”.


Amazing how much you can learn from an 8 year old!

We decided to make the best of a bad thing and went out to dinner and the movies and actually ended up having an amazing time in LA.

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