Subject Line: Want to Catch Barracuda on a String?

Hey [FirstName],

There’s a place in the Maldives where you can catch a barracuda on a string.

No joke.

They take you out in a boat with no poles, nothing.

The water is crystal clear.

And you’re just completely surrounded by these gorgeous fish.

Then you throw the string over the side of the boat, maybe not expecting that much, but before you can even think about it, up comes a beautiful fish.

Just like that.

Crazy, right?

It’s easier than bobbing for apples on Halloween.

Wouldn’t it be nice if catching clients were that easy?

Here’s some good news: it can be.

All you need is a lead magnet that really rocks.

If you have one already, that’s great.

But if you don’t, I can show you how to make one in less than 3 minutes.

Check out my latest very short video (link).

I’ll show you the four proven steps to creating a lead magnet that makes potential clients bite every time.

I call it (Product Name).

And I’m giving it away for free.

This is no “fish story”.

I promise if you watch the video (link), and put (Product Name) to work, you’ll be pulling in clients like fish on a string.

Take care,


P.S. As of this moment, there are now only (X) seats left for my (Event Name) (link) next month in Santa Monica.

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