CoSchedule The Coolest Content Management Tool On The Planet

When people talk about content, they tend to obsess about its creation.

But creation of the content is actually only the first hurdle.

What happens AFTER you create it?

Where should you post your content?

When should you post it?

What’s the best way to distribute it?

How do you connect your blog content with the appropriate social media platforms?

Simply put, managing your content is as important as making it…

Enter one of the coolest tools around… CoSchedule.

How to get a grip on your content management with a really cool tool

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CoSchedule is like the Swiss Army Knife of content and in this article we’ll explain everything about this tool and why you might want to integrate it into your own content management plan.

What Exactly does CoSchedule Do?

CoSchedule is a WordPress plugin whose sole purpose is to manage content; it is basically an editorial calendar and a social media manager all wrapped into one.

With CoSchedule, you can plan you entire content management program. You can keep track of when and where you publish your content as well as track the performance of your content across social media platforms.

Reinventing Your Content Strategy with CoSchedule

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CoSchedule can also serve as a great team content management tool by streamlining the production process and improving team communication. It allows members of the team to contribute, re-write and leave comments on the editorial calendar even if they are not located in the same physical spot.

Let’s review a few of CoSchedule’s key features:

Your Very Own Content Editorial Calendar

The cornerstone of CoSchedule is its editorial content. As publishers, one of the biggest challenges businesses have with their content is ensuring they post the right topics at the right time and on a consistent basis. Coschedule’s editorial content makes this easy.

As you can see in the chart below, you can input different blog posts into the monthly calendar, assign them to be published on specific days and delegate various tasks to different team members (i.e. writing, editing, graphics, uploading, etc.)

CoSchedule The Coolest Content Management Tool On The Planet

(The editorial calendar)

Change your mind about the timing of a blog post? It’s super easy to change with the Coschedule easy-to-use drag and drop feature.

Not sure about the balance of topics over the course of the week or month? No problem. Coschedule lets you see the ‘big picture’ so that you can ensure you give each topic category the weight it deserves.

And speaking of WordPress…

Seamless WordPress Integration

It’s no surprise that CoSchedule is a WordPress plug-in since WordPress is the bloggers’ platform of choice. You can manage your CoSchedule calendar right inside your WordPress application which means that you have everything in one place: the calendar, the blogs themselves as well as the connection to social media. (More on that later).

Here is a picture of what the WordPress blog post interface looks like:

CoSchedule The Coolest Content Management Tool On The Planet

An 'All-in-One' Social Media Scheduler

Coschedule enables you not just to post your blogs on your site but to post social media announcements as well.

As we all know, it’s no longer enough to post a blog on your website and ‘hope’ someone will see it. It’s essential that you post your blog post (or at least an announcement about it) on social media. CoSchedule makes this super easy to do. So when you create a blog post you can also schedule it to post on social media (principally Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) at various intervals, whether that be the day the blog releases, the day after, or even a month later.

CoSchedule The Coolest Content Management Tool On The Planet
CoSchedule The Coolest Content Management Tool On The Planet

But it gets better…

CoSchedule doesn’t ‘just’ post.; it also analyzes how each post is received on each platform. In the “Top Posts” section of the CoSchedule WordPress plugin, you are supplied with the analytics for each post from the most to least popular. For example, below, you can see that the top blog post on the list received 3 Facebook interactions, along with 1 from Pinterest and 1 from Google +. This is helpful to understand which messages resonate the most with your audience over a period of time.

CoSchedule The Coolest Content Management Tool On The Planet

(Top Posts and social interactions)

A Heads Up With The Headline Analyzer

Headlines are critical to the success of any blog post – 8 out of 10 people don’t read past it, so in order to convince readers to keep going, your headline absolutely has to be eye catching. And that’s where the CoSchedule headline analyzer comes in!

When you type your blog post headline into your editorial calendar, CoSchedule automatically analyzes it and gives it a score based on how well it will perform. If you click the dot (green, with the number 76 in this case, you’ll be taken to another page that gives you even more details, including what you can do to improve your headline’s chance of success.

CoSchedule The Coolest Content Management Tool On The Planet

(The Headline Anlalyzer In Action)

This particular headline received a B+, which isn’t bad, but if we go in and make some of the suggested changes – like switching some of the words around – our score, and therefore our chances, will improve.

CoSchedule The Coolest Content Management Tool On The Planet
CoSchedule The Coolest Content Management Tool On The Planet

(Headline analyzer in action)

Content Workflow Management--The Easy Way

CoSchedule famously says that by using their tool, you will “save 30 minutes for each piece of content you create.” 

How do they do this? By helping you create a better, more efficient team workflow.

The best content management tool on the planet

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CoSchedule makes the ‘team management’ aspect of creating content super simple; you can easily assign tasks, deadlines and reminders to various member of your team. This allows everything to move along more smoothly in the content creation process which often has a lot of moving parts.

Seamless Integration With Everything Important

Not only does CoSchedule integrate with WordPress, but it integrates with just about everything else also. Some examples include Google Chrome, Evernote, Google Docs, Google Analytics and Buffer just to name a few.

CoSchedule The Coolest Content Management Tool On The Planet

(Plugin Integration Page)

So you can research and collect information about a blog in Evernote and Google Chrome, write and edit it in Google Docs, distribute it in Buffer and monitor its success with Google Analytics.

At the end of the day, one of the biggest challenges with content creation and distribution is managing the process. From planning to creation, scheduling and distribution, CoSchedule brings all the pieces of the content puzzle together under one umbrella and streamlines the process with a super easy to use, friendly interface.

Consider CoSchedule therefore your new ‘best friend’ in the content game. Here at Slice International we view CoSchedule as an absolutely indispensable tool.

Go here  to find out more.

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