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Why Content Is The Only Game In Town 

"Content Marketing Is All the Marketing That's Left"

Seth Godin 

Here are the facts: 

Fact One:  Not that long ago, 'marketing' meant a process by which we told people about US. Our Products. Our difference. Why we were important. It was a one-way dialogue--from company to prospective client. 

Fact Two:  The Social World has changed all of that.  People spend countless hours every day on social media to gaze at fun photos, view videos and read riveting articles.  They don't come to buy (or be sold to).   

Fact Three:  Before they buy from you, they want to know who you are first.  

Fact Four:  And the best way to do that is through high-quality content. Content that is fun, engaging and informative... 

Did You Know That?...  

  • 80% of CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing. 
  • 90% of B2C and 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing.
  • 70% of B2B marketers create more content than a year ago . 42%  publish new content daily or several times a week. 
  • 59% of marketers' content marketing budget will increase in the next 12 months because they believe content is superior.  
  • Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing but generates 3X the leads. 

Welcome To The Era Of The Elegant 'Un'Sale

(Brought to you by content marketing) 

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.“ ~ 

Andrew Davis, Author of Brandscaping 


Our new Social World is ALL about sharing. Stories. Pictures. Videos. Whether it's for fun, entertainment or information, sharing is how to build your brand and skyrocket your sales.  


  Content builds Trust.  Trust which in turn encourages respect and nurtures relationships. Once established, the sale comes so elegantly and effortlessly.   


There's a problem... SEVEN of them!

​Here are some of the issues most marketer's struggle with when it comes to content: 

    1. What to write so it is relevant and engaging and so you STAND OUT

    2. Who to write for

    3. How to 'feed the content beast' on a regular ongoing basis

    4, How to make sure the content is actually SEEN by the right people

    5. How to use content to generate leads and sell products (without feeling salesy) 

    6. How to measure the results from content

    7. How to create a strategic seamless process from idea generation to sale

Our 'Crush it with Content' Marketing System Solves All These Issues (And Many More) 

Content Strategy 

The first step to successful content marketing is a robust strategy--you need to  know EXACTLY what you want to achieve (and how to achieve it).  In this phase, we will make sure that the 'pain points' and challenges of your ideal client are identified. We will also build your content calendar to ensure optimal organization.    

Content Creation 

At the end of the day, content marketing DOES NOT work unless the content itself shines.  And there is a very specific method for creating crackling content--from research to  writing to editing.  We draw upon years of experience; we create hundreds of content pieces every week that enjoy hundreds of shares and thousands of website views.  

Content Design 

One of the aspects of content marketing that too many people forget is the design.  How your content looks is almost as important as what you say.  Therefore the third step is creating an appropriate blog post 'look' using images, videos, branding, blog structure and banners.   

Content Distribution

The fourth and final step is to ensure that your content get seen by the right audience; this is done by intelligent distribution across several social media platforms.  This distribution (and the ultimate reaction to each piece of content) will be tracked and measured.  

 And Our Results?

(They're insane!) 

27,000+ Views on Blog Posts...

9000 Shares In 24 Hours...

93% Opt-In Rates

100-3000% ROI

Here are some samples of our work...

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Here's What Our Clients Say 

Sue is one of the best copywriters out there on the market right now…she is SO much more!

She is one of the few people out there who ‘gets’ how all the pieces of the online marketing puzzle work together. She is a strategic wiz and immediately pinpoints any gaps in your messaging. PLUS she has created this awesome FUSION Marketing system that will leave you speechless.

Simple but powerful, it blends content and email marketing with Facebook ads and retargeting. It taps into the power of social media. It sells—but it sells 21st century style—through sharing content and stories and then gently, naturally asking for the sale.


After just a handful of weeks working with Sue, it’s A FLOOD! I’ve exchanged the ‘crickets’ for a ‘crowd’ of hungry, highly qualified prospects who are dying to talk to me—and buy my high ticket program. If you want high-quality leads to buy your high-ticket program, I can think of no one better to get you the results you need than Sue Rice.”

Jolette Jai

The Jai Institute for Parneting

“Sue Rice is a rare gem in the often disappointing world of online marketing. She is so good at what she does because she ‘gets’ the whole picture—from her high-converting, excellent written emails to building out your entire sales funnels from lead magnet to sales page to setting up Infusionsoft.

On just one campaign she did for me, I have earned over 6 figures. Want your sales funnel to work like a personal ATM machine? Sue is definitely the person to talk to.”

Travis Jenkins

Entrepreneur Radio Show

Sue. Is. The. Best. She writes like an angel but don’t be fooled. Her copy produces cash Big-Time. I’ve watched with my own eyes what her ‘magic emails’ and rocking content can do—here at, we send our clients Facebook leads to her email marketing sequences and content and hundreds of thousands of dollars pop out of the other side. If you are serious about making money online, you need Sue Rice on your team.”

Ralph Burns

Dominate Web Media
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