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The Email Magic Formula

Every writer I know has trouble writing.~Joseph HellerWriting: Business Fear Number OneDoes writing feel like a herculean task to you?Do you struggle with every word, sentence, paragraph?If you do, you’re not alone.Do a quick Internet search and you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of quotes from famous writers and authors talking about how hard it is […]


How To Become A Subject Line King

If you can master subject lines, you will gain new prospects–and clients.That’s a promise.Might sound like we’re being a bit crazy here at Slice International, but we’re speaking the truth.From our own personal experience and that of our peers ( check out our latest blog on how email marketing can rock your business), we know […]


Why Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Rumor has it that email marketing is dead in the water.Of no use.Antiquated.And why do people give email marketing such a bad rap?Many believe that business will move away from email as their main form of communication and replace it with Facebook, Slack and other forms of instant messages as early as 2020. But the truth is, […]


Inbox Ignition

Inbox Ignition 21 Subject Lines That Will Make Your Emails Shine

“You’ve got mail.”Remember the days when that one email notification on the top right of your screen was beyond exciting?So exciting even, that Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks just had to star in a feature film about a budding romance through email.Nowadays, it can seem like our inbox is just filled with bad news (and […]