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Frustrated and Fed Up With Online Marketing?

Here at Slice, we have developed the perfect medicine for online fatigue. 

It’s called Fusion Marketing.

It’s a simple system where you create EPIC content and then amplify it through email and social media to make sure that the RIGHT people see--and act upon--it. 

In my 15 years working in internet marketing, I’m astonished at how well this system works. I have seen 93% opt in rates, email lists built into the hundreds of thousands in a matter of months and ROIs of between 100-3000%.

To help you move forward with your business and  show Fusion Marketing works, I’d like to invite you to join me personally for a personal Mini Vision Day consultation.  

Welcome To Our Vision Day 

During our session together, we will sit down and do a complete audit of your marketing--and your business. 

1. We’ll identify the opportunities.

2. Figure out the gaps.

3. Look at the BIG PICTURE of where you want to go—and figure out a PLAN to get you there.

4. We'll show you how our Fusion Marketing Formula works and explain how you can transform content into cash. Fast. 

You will clear away the cobwebs and the uncertainties.

And walk away with a clear actionable plan.

No more guessing. No more frustration.

Just answers (and results). 

So how Much is A Mini Vision Day? 

Our normal price for a Vision Day is $7500.

But right here. Right now. On this page only...

We are offering our Mini Vision Days for FREE.

That's Right.  100% complimentary... 

(You might be wondering why I would do that? )

Well, it's Real Simple. 

We’ve been conducting Vision Days with our clients for years.

And I've decided now is the time to open up the doors.  

To  offer a mini-version of our Vision Day just so many more organizations can benefit.  

It's not more complicated than that. 

Success is all about Clarity.  

And Clarity is precisely what you'll get on your Vision Day.   

If for any reason you don’t get the clarity we promise, we will send you a check for $150 as an apology for wasting your time. 

So there is ZERO risk for you.

So if you are ready to Slice through the confusion and get a strategy that works,  apply today for your Vision Day using the 'Get to Know You' Application below.   

Once it's filled out, you will be taken to a calendar where you can schedule our Vision Day. 

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So don't miss out. Grab your Vision Day now.  You deserve it.   

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