Slice Through To Success With Epic Emails...

"We turn words into wealth"

Sue Rice, President of SLICE International

Our Story

Slice International was originally created to offer a variety of marketing services to businesses and universities.  

Over the years however, we realized that true to the 80/20 principle,  there was ONE tool that delivered by far the best results.


But we know that writing is hard--really hard--for most people. 

That's why we don't 'teach' you how to do email marketing.

We actually do it for you.

We have written (literally) millions of emails for hundreds of companies and solo-preneurs. 

As a result we know what works... and what doesn't.

What Makes Our Emails Different? 

100% Done For You 

      While most people show you how to do email marketing, we actually write them for you.  By taking this important (but time-consuming) task off your plate, you can concentrate on what YOU do best.  


 In this 'end of the hustle' era, people don't want products shoved down their throat.  They need to know (and trust) the person behind the company.  Best way to do that? Through the power of stories. 

Designed For Razor-Sharp Results

 We sell softly—through sharing and telling stories. But there's nothing soft about our results; our open rates range from 35-70%, our click-through rates around  20-45%,  giving us ROIs of up to 3000%. 

Leveraged With Social Media 

 The best way to ignite your email power is to  'fuse' it with social media.  We systematically retarget email campaigns via Facebook ads or use email sequences in LinkedIn to generate leads. 

Why Slice? 

A lot of people ask why we named our company Slice.

We chose SLICE because...

1. Slice Means CLARITY .

Our emails cut through the clutter and the confusion.

No more spinning in circles.

No more frustration.

No more waste.

Just simple, clear, powerful solutions that make you money. 

2. Slice Means A Piece Of the Whole .  

We sell emails.  But what makes us different is we are also extremely experienced marketers.  We understand that emails aren't sent in a vacuum-they are part of a whole.  In order to really leverage your emails, you must 'connect the dots' between your emails and other tools like Facebook advertising and content marketing. 

What About Our Clients? 

We have had the pleasure of working with some of the greatest companies and solo entrepreneurs on the planet. Here's just a few: 

Check Out What Our Clients Have To Say About Us Here. 


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