Sue Rice.

               World-Class Email Copywriter

         Lover of  Animals, France and All Things Beautiful...


Why I Write

I fell madly in love with words at the ripe old age of 5.

To me, the art of writing is pure magic.

I 100% agree with Voltaire that ‘writing is the painting of the voice’ .

And while I’ve written a bit of everything over the years (from books to direct mail pieces to websites and short stories), I honestly believe the most powerful writing tool available to us today is the email.

There is nothing like an email to ‘slice’ through the noise and grab your prospect by the emotional lapels.

Emails engage. They entertain. They are intimate and direct.

Nothing helps you move your relationships and revenue forward better than an email.

Emails are truly the best way to turn Words into Wealth.

And I’d love to explore how I can help you do just that.

Looking forward to the possibilities... 

My Journey... 

From Palo Alto... 

...To Paris. 

A native Californian and Stanford graduate, I arrived in Paris in the 1990s to work as BBDO Europe's Communications Director.  I eventually left the agency to start my own boutique agency.  But I never abandoned France...or my passion for words. 

Since starting my own company,I have had the honor to work and write for the world's greatest companies including Nike, Lego and Ericsson as well as dozens of smaller companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs. ​

Main Highlights 

  • Stanford University Graduate (B.A.). 
  • Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies Graduate (M.A.)
  • Account Director (Ogilvy & Mather New York)
  • VP Communications Director BBDO Europe (Paris and New York)
  • President/Founder Slice: Work for Fortune 500 companies, universities and dozens of entrepreneurs as copywriter and communications strategist. 
  • Infusionsoft Certified Partner since 2013 
  • Published author of Mastering Web 2.0 (Kogan Page, London ) 

Stuff I Hang On My Wall

Stanford University Graduate 

Certified Social Media Consultant

Infusionsoft Certified Partner

Published Author (Kogan Page London) 

Certified Social Media Advertising Expert

Certified Content Marketing Expert

What People Say About Me: 

"The female David Ogilvy" 

"An email Goddess" 

"One if not THE best email marketer on the planet" 

"A magician with words"  

"An extraordinary writer-but so much more!"

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