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With Epic Email Marketing 

Re-Discover The Sexiest 'Unsexy' Marketing Tool On The Planet

In the confusing, crowded landscape of our online Social World, there is one tool that stands above the rest...


And even though many consider emails to be 'old-fashioned' and 'less sexy' than social media, savvy marketers understand that nothing works better.  

That's because:  




Here's what one expert says...

Email marketing is my # 1 source of revenue. Based on my own companies data, the easiest way to double or triple our business is to double or triple our email list size. " 

Justin Brooke, World Leading Media Buyer and Traffic Expert  

Do You Know That...?

  1. Email boasts the highest ROI (4,300%!) of all the online marketing tools available– Direct Marketing Association

  2. Email is the preferred method of communicating with businesses for 70% of US internet users eMarketer

  3. In a recent survey, 91% said they checked their emails daily while 77% said email was where they preferred to receive permission-based promotional messages. (Facebook only got 4%! ) Exact Target

  4. Email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers as compared to Facebook and Twitter. Capterra 2014

So If Emails Are Essential, Who's Going To Write Yours? 

That's where SLICE comes in... 

We have written thousands of emails for countless clients.  

Email marketing isn't just a 'theory' for us--we know what works and what doesn't.   

What Makes Our Emails Different? 

100% Done For You 

      While most people show you how to do email marketing, we actually write them for you.  By taking this important (but time-consuming) task off your plate, you can concentrate on what YOU do best.  


 In this 'end of the hustle' era, people don't want products shoved down their throat.  They need to know (and trust) the person behind the company.  Best way to do that? Through the power of stories. 

Designed For Razor-Sharp Results

 We sell softly—through sharing and telling stories. But there's nothing soft about our results; our open rates range from 35-70%, our click-through rates around  20-45%,  giving us ROIs of up to 3000%. 

Leveraged With Social Media 

 The best way to ignite your email power is to  'fuse' it with social media.  We systematically retarget email campaigns via Facebook ads or use email sequences in LinkedIn to generate leads. 

Here are some examples of our work...

You and Downton Abbey

Check out our autoresponder sequence about how you can build your business the way you've always dreamed of...

My Journey From Welfare to Millionaire

Check out our autoresponder sequence about how you can be successful through positive thinking...

How I Went From Zero to Hero

Check out our autoresponder sequence about how being an entrepreneur can be tough but not impossible...

(You can see more email writing samples here). 

Who runs SLICE International anyway? 

Who's Sue? 

  • Nicknamed the 'Female David Ogilvy' 
  • " One of the best--if not THE best--email marketers in the world"
  • A professional writer, published author and vertable "word wizard"
  • Worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 Companies around the world 
  • Stanford  University Graduate
  • An American in Paris 

Sue. Is. The. Best. She writes like an angel but don’t be fooled. Her copy produces cash Big-Time. I’ve watched with my own eyes what her ‘magic emails’ can do—here at, we send our clients Facebook leads to her email marketing sequences and watch hundreds of thousands of dollars pop out of the other side. If you are serious about making money online, you need Sue Rice on your team.

Ralph Burns  
Dominate Web Media 

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